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As a Naturopath, I aim to empower, motivate and educate you, to gain more control over your life and health. A Naturopath does not simply treat the symptoms of disease and its effects, but searches for the cause and addresses this.

Today we live in a very polluted environment of chemical toxins, surrounded by a sea of additional industrial and domestic pollution, consuming denatured food which has been fast-tracked from all over the world. Most people are short of nutrients and have an excess of toxins in their bodies. These conditions eventually  cause havoc  with our health. As a modern day Naturopath , I need more than ever to support you, using herbal medicine with all its minerals and vitamins, flower essences, biochemical supplements, homeopathic remedies and detoxification methods, to guide  you to vibrant health. 

My approach is to look at imbalances in the whole body, by taking a careful case history and carrying out a physical examination of tongue, pulse, eyes and  blood pressure. If needed, specific tests can be ordered, such as blood, urine, breath, saliva or stool, in order to find out what is going on.