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Why do you need an independent service, providing information  on optimizing health strategies? 

However big or small your business is, your workforce is being affected by sub-optimal health. 

Absenteeism and 'Presenteeism' (turning up for work when unwell) cause a significant drain on your business.

The average cost of absenteeism  per employee in 2012, was £975.

'Presenteesim' cost was double  that of absenteeism.

It is vital to address this cost by ways of improving employee health, morale and motivation.
If you are a forward looking company,  I recommend you invest in health and well being of your staff.


Your organisation will receive cutting-edge health  and nutritional information, delivered with knowledge and passion, in understandable terms. Each participant will walk away with new information, 
a new commitment to their own health process, and actionable terms to get started.

I will work with you,to create and deliver a talk or programme that is best suited to the needs of your business or organisation.

Services offered:
  • Stress reduction, physical and emotional
  • Talks  on topic of your choice
  • Workshops
  • 1-1 consultations to address full range of health conditions, as a staff  drop in clinic
  • Improved health and wellness
  • Nutritional services