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Vera from London SW19
I am so happy with the support that Helga has given me. She listens to what her client needs and not only provides the right herbs but also many other ingenious coping strategies which all contribute to good health. She comes highly recommended by me.
SB - University Lecturer
I met Helga at the Centre for Naturopathic Medicine four years ago and have sought her advice on various health issues for myself and family since that first meeting. Helga has sincerity, a passion for knowledge and a genuine kindness for her patients. I am most grateful for her ongoing counsel.
Penny Seyfert

I have been seeing Helga for the past five years for a number of health issues which did not seem to disappear with conventional medicine. Apart from being someone who immediately put me at my ease, Helga showed genuine interest in my case, listened in a careful, detailed way and prescribed me some herbal tinctures which have proven to be very helpful. Helga is passionate about the power of eating one's way to health via a good and varied diet. She is a mine of information and has given me much helpful dietary advice to support my immune system. Her herbal tinctures have also helped to relieve some of my symptoms and get me back on the path to better health.